Magical Croatia is a small country that has it all. People often call it Europe’s best kept (gay) secret. And let us explain you why it should be on the best gay holidays destination list!

Let’s put Croatia to perspective; London, the capital of England, has two times more citizens that the whole country of Croatia has. But, even though it is small, you can’t explain Croatia in a nutshell. So, for the start, it’s location is one of a kind in Europe. The gay friendly Croatia can show you its crystal clear sea, its enchanted deep forests, more than thousand islands, reefs, caves and giant mountains and between all of that, plenty of small medieval villages, castles and Roman ruins have scattered around the country. If you combine nature and history and if you add the Mediterranean food, you get the perfect gay destination for your gay summer in Europe. 

Although 11 days is not enough to experience everything Croatia has to offer, we can suggest an itinerary that will give you a little bit of everything. You’ll visit the capital and see the architecture from the era of Habsburg Monarchy. You will head down south and see the most beautiful national park in Croatia but immodestly we can say even further. After Plitvice lakes, your trip will continue to the beautiful gay friendly Split! A city surrounded in ancient walls and under the protection of UNESCO Heritage. You can then spend a couple of days island hopping! We suggest Hvar, but there are plenty of possibilities where you can go. In the end, your trip ends in the most famous Croatian city – in breathtaking Dubrovnik!

Before coming to Croatia – check out our guide for Gay friendly places that might interest you. Maybe, you will wander into one during your gay travel experience in Croatia!


DAY 1 & 2

After arriving to the largest city & the capital of Croatia, your Croatian adventure starts! Depending on your wishes, you can head to the hotel or stay in one of our gay friendly apartments.

Understandably, we know your wishes on the Croatian coast, but Zagreb is a lot more diverse with plenty of different activities and tours to offer. If you’re visiting during summer, Zagreb also has a nude gay beach on Jarun lake so maybe you can enjoy some “sun action” there. Furthermore, take your time and go for a stroll through the Zagreb’s centre and admire the view & wait for the sunset in the Upper Town. During the day, you can visit Maksimir park or Zrinjevac to hide from the sun. For the complete guide of gay Zagreb – click here

If you’d like a guided tour, we suggest our favorite ones:

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DAY 3, 4 & 5

After seeing bits & pieces of our capital city, continue your trip to the ancient Split with a short stop to the incredible Plitvice Lakes National Park! Expect to see stunning variety of waterfalls, lakes & cascades. Plitvice give you a whole different experience depending in which season you visit. But in the summer, a lush green environment makes the perfect natural backdrop! After a couple of hours in the park, continue your travels down south to Split.

Soon, you will arrive to your third destination – the coastal, medieval city of Split.  The city has a lot to offer in terms of culture but in entertainment also. It is the 2nd largest city in Croatia, so to visit some destinations, you won’t be able to walk to there. 

The most important sightseeing place in split is the 1700 year old Diocletian’s Palace, built for a Roman Emperor. To enter the Split Old Town – go through the Golden Gate and enter the Diocletian’s Palace. The palace is actually built like a fortress and most of the Split’s highlights are found in there. The atmosphere in the old town is very vibrant and even though, there’s a lot more to visit in Split, this is a place to start. The highlights include courtyards, mosaic floors, Jupiter’s temple and the Peristil, an atrium where the Emperor’s living quarters were, and a Cathedral. Lastly, let’s not forget about the Game of Thrones series. If you’re a fan, you’ll be thrilled to stroll around the film locations. But don’t get lost in the streets. Don’t hesitate to take a guide!

After your finish your visit to the Old Town, head up to the Marjan Park. Marjan is a big park on top of the hill which looks down on Split and you can catch the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises on the top! After a long morning of exploring, head town to Kasjuni Beach and go for a swim.

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DAY 6, 7 & 8

Time to go island hopping! Our favorite island stop for gay travelers – Hvar! Hvar offers historical old town with a sprinkle of party atmosphere and stunning beaches! If you want to go to Hvar, choose the months between May & September where everything is alive and in full mode with plenty of hot studs! 

While on Hvar, go partying, relax and do not skip the Blue Cave!

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DAY 9, 10 & 11

Like the cherry on top, your last stop in Croatia should be Dubrovnik. As we previously said, the most famous Croatian city and also a favorite gay destination for our fellow gay travelers! Dubrovnik is famous because of its fantastically preserved old town. 

You don’t have to be a fan of Game of Thrones to want to visit Dubrovnik. The night life in Dubrovnik during summer is on fire, the historical aspect of the city will leave you breathless and the sunsets are… well, you will have to see them with your own eyes to even believe us. 

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*note: You can also skip the 2nd day of Zagreb if you’re more fond of going to the sea and plan a visit to Budva, Montenegro while you’re in Dubrovnik.

**note: If you’re visiting this summer, maybe you’ll be interested in Rhapsody festival. Gay music festival held on the famous Zrće beach. Check it out!

If you want to save money, we suggest skipping Hvar or visit in May/September. 

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