Rijeka is the administrative and cultural centre of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County and the third largest city in Croatia with regard to the number of inhabitants. The city is situated along the course of Rječina River and nearby numerous streams. It lies on abundant sources and confluences. Like numerous cities in the world, Rijeka carries the symbol of water in its name. We present you the history, people, numbers, surroundings.

1. In the year 2020, it’s Croatia’s turn to be named the European Cultural Capital. The city of Rijeka has been awarded the honour.

2. The Rijeka Carnival – The city’s trademark event is the annual carnival, an event which probably best shows the spirit of the city most people only pass by on their way to the South. The carnivals tradition lasts much longer than those made for tourists which keep popping up, and a carnival that doesn’t need paid animators. “Krepat, ma ne molat!” (“Die, but never give up” – partying) – is the motto that summarizes all the best that Rijeka Carnival represents.

3. Rijeka is very supportive and gay friendly.

4. Rijeka is a port of diversity – Port of Rijeka has a very important meaning for the whole country of Croatia. All major shipping and sea traffic takes place in the port of Rijeka. The word “diversity” refers to people who are really different – they are multicultural, very urban, alternate with a multitude of alternative artists.

5. The National Theater in Rijeka is the centerpiece of traditional art. In the past years it has been rehearsed as the leading opera theater in Croatia. Frequent guests are world renowned opera singers, and some make a permanent show.

6. The ceiling in the National Theater in Rijeka was painted by brothers Klimt.

7. The word Rijeka in Croatian language mean river so Rijeka is the city that flows

8. The ship “Galeb” is in port of Rijeka, which is a common topic of A very emotional conversation: this ship was owned by former Yugoslav state president, Marshal Josip Broz Tito, whom some consider to be the largest communist dictator and criminal ever, while the others still glorify his name and work.

9. The border between two states, Italy and Yugoslavia, passed through Rijeka

10. Rijeka is a very pet friendly town

11. Korzo is the main promenade through the city with many cafes and shops

12. Rijeka is the birthplace of the torpedo. The very first torpedo was launched in Rijeka in 1866.

13. In the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral you can see the only lifejacket from the Titanic located in Europe.

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