Whether it’s the coast in beautiful Dubrovnik, or the flowers fields around the capital Zagreb, a cliff view of Lošinj, a beautiful intimate forest setting, a castle or a villa in a small Istrian village, whatever you imagine on your most special day – we have! Croatia has many locations where unforgettable and unique weddings could be organized, and it is up to you to choose what you want. 

The wedding is the “that day” where we all want everything to be beautiful and perfect, from the wedding location that is the main part of the day’s performance, the bouquets on the table that are incredible beautiful decorated, as well as the guests including our loved ones, or the background music whether it’s an energetic band, or a quiet romantic song. Therefore, we have prepared for you some of the most beautiful cities with locations for the most special day.




If you want a romantic, intimate wedding with only the closest circle of people, with a touch of Croatian wind maestral, then we’ll take you to the beautiful Istrian villas. Istria is a part of Croatia with so many small, hidden, intimate, stone houses overlooking the sea with a sunsets that will take your breath away, as well as family traditionally landscaped vineyards, right by the sea. One of the most famous wedding venues in Istria is the town of Rovinj, which locals say has the most beautiful sunset in this part of the country. Rovinj is not only famous for the massive church of St. Euphemia with a view of the entire city, but it is known for the most beautiful and romantic weddings in Istria. This city also has hidden restaurants in the Istrian streets like Ulika or Veli Jože with a homemade recipe of the most popular Istrian kitchen. There are also small galleries around the old town od Rovinj, that are specific to abstract artworks, interesting personalities, and of course we have to take your attention to Red Island (St. Andrew’s Island), which is one of the most famous wedding venue locations there.


Now, we are taking you to the less known Poreč. Poreč is a “must see” city in Istria because of its stone streets, rich history, handmade carnival masks that are send to Venice, doses of mysticism and gothic, and beautiful lagoons. If you love boho style, rustic landscaped courtyards with many plants of Mediterranean vegetation, richly decorated atriums, then the Euphrasian Basilica is the perfect place for your wedding. A peaceful, intimate, elegant wedding takes us to the Blue and Green Lagoons, which are home to one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Istria, with restaurants that prepare original Istrian specialties such as famous Istrian truffles, home-made asparagus, canisters (shells) and Adriatic fish. The 19th Century Villa Polesini will take your breath away with an elegance, exclusivity and harmony. It is the perfect place for a fancy wedding with a touch of charm, and a garden cocktail party that, at sunset will make that everyone looks in the sky because of a beautiful blend of orange and yellow in thy sky.


However, if something closer to your heart is more extravagant and elegant style, yet with a touch of charm and intimacy, we recommend the famous Dubrovnik with the surrounding islands of Lokrum, where the massive Royal Fort is located, and the island of Koločep with its rich flora and fauna of the Mediterranean climate. From a hidden seaside villa like the Sheherezade villa which is one of the most famous buildings in our country, famous city walls with rich history, landscaped restaurants along the coast like the restaurant La Castilla from which you can see the city above where you feel like a Dubrovnik aristocrat from the most famous historical period of this city (which is certainly the time of the Dubrovnik Republic), to the old fortresses like the Lawrence, which radiates monumentality and has a historical significance. These are all locations where your most special day could be organized. We emphasize Stradun, the most popular street in the heart of the old town, surrounded by the city walls, and connects the two main entrances to the city because of huge length. If you take a walk on Stradun with your life partner on the happiest day of your life, we believe that you wouldn’t be able to hold back tears of joy. You will feel like a prince on a white horse, like a viking, like a king and like every character you have dreamed of when you were little.


If we go little to the north, for those who especially love winter, kisses on the snow, Christmas decoration balls and the smell of sweet boiled wine – here is located the capital of Zagreb, the proud owner for 3 years in a row the most beautiful Advent in Europe. Wooden houses where you can buy indigenous products of our country, such as wooden handmade decorations by local artists or refresh yourself with homemade wine cooked according to the secret recipe, and of course brandies of more than 40 types are indispensable. In order, we will not talk just about drinks, we need to mention that you also shouldn’t forget our kitchen is during the Advent season available to every visitor also in the wooden houses. For those who love glamor and romance, we highly recommend Zrinjevac Park which is one of the main attractions whether it’s in the spring when the trees are flowering, or in the romantic winter covered with snowflakes. And finally, the most delicious thing that you have to taste are Croatian desserts at the famous Kraš pastry shop, or on the other side of Ilica, the lovely Vincek with cakes and pastries made by family recipe. You have to admit that there is no more romantic winter variant for your special day.


Hear the serenade of Opatija by the pearl of our sea” is a famous Croatian song about the most beautiful city on the Croatian coast. Beautiful decorated parks, aristocratic villas with many details, views of the Kvarner islands from the top of the Učka Nature Park, medieval Veprinac or Kastav – are all locations where we can organize your dream wedding. For those who want to go back to the last century, into the crazy ’70s and even more crazy ’80s, you shouldn’t miss RetrOpatija in the early summer. Dots, stripes, a lot of street dancers, a swing, a twist, a Great Gatsby Party, and many other events are the perfect date for wedding in the last century because the entire city travels to the past. There are many exhibitions throughout the year such as the closet of Queen Sisi in the Swiss Villa with a beautifully landscaped garden, or the attractive promenade Juraj Šporer where you are next to the Girl with the Seagull, which is the trademark of the city Opatija. If you are interested in what makes this city so special, we will take you to the event: Imperial City – where you can hear the rustle of muslin dresses all over the Opatija, where carriages drive you along the most beautiful street, where you go to the traditional Vienna Ball in the Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner, and all this no more or less, with the beautiful Adriatic Sea by you and your love one.


For those who are endlessly romantic souls, we well go a little on the south to Trogir, a city that is mostly an island. The release of love lanterns into the sky by the sea, a walk through the spacious „Riva“ with the background sound of a street musician’s guitar, artistically decorated and carved portals dating back to the 13th  century, this is all this town. Kamerlengo Castle is one of the main and most popular wedding venues if you have always dreamed of a medieval castle wedding. Beside to the famous citadel, there is Cipika Palace who is located near the city cathedral, is also the lovely venue to organizing the wedding. It has a rich history that is immediately recognizable at first view, decorated with various 15th century ornamental walls, windows characteristic for the Gothic period, and Corinthian columns that all makes an ideal place for the wedding of artistic souls. For those who want a church wedding, there is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which exudes elegance, harmony and moderation, but it’s adorned by a richly decorated portal at the front door that date back to the past. Yachtclub Seget Restaurant is a place with a modern interior design for a quiet and comfortable dinner, accompanied by a cocktail party on the terrace with the sound of waves.


Do you enjoy spending time in nature and imagining your wedding somewhere in the woods, surrounded by tall trees and fragrant plants? If you haven’t found your ideal wedding location by now, Mali Lošinj maybe is the perfect place to your special day. They call this island         „island of 1100 fragrances“ because of many types of fragrant plants grow on it. It is known as a health resort because of its characteristic vegetation on the island. One of the most famous wedding venues on this island is the Riva, known for its “Lošinj Captains.” If you still wanna be surrounded by nature, but in an elegant and sophisticated way, Bellevue Hotel has a modern design, green luxurious atrium, luxurious spa treatments, and romantic dinners on the terrace by the sea. Čikat Bay is one of the most beautiful coves on the Adriatic Sea, where the Alhambra Hotel is located. In a garden with centuries-old pines, surrounded by a turquoise sea on which the boats are swinging with the wind, with a drop of romance with the most delicious delicacies, it is an ideal place for an elegant and peaceful wedding.