In the new decade, a must visit destination is the hidden jewel of Mediterranean – Croatia. A small coastal country which over a number of years transformed in one of the best festival destinations in the world. Croatia connects the best out of all worlds – incredible music line ups and fun with impressive locations of Adriatic which is scattered with hundreds of islands, historic forts and hidden coves for exploring, which makes it a perfect destination to escape the reality and rest. This year, Croatia is preparing something new – it opens the door to the LGBTQ community and is organizing the first festival of that kind in the region. Hot Croatian summers just became hotter and we have the hottest gay festival in Europe on our horizon – Rhapsody Festival. That’s the biggest proof that Croatia is an outward-looking country!

Rhapsody of colours, energy and music will be held from 14th to 17th June on one of the most famous party beaches – world known Zrće beach. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your summer adventure with a bang! On Zrće, thousand and thousands awaits us with the same goal of having fun and the feeling of elation.

The home of Rhapsody Festival is the TOP 20 (DJ MAG Official) club in the world – Noa Beach Club! Club is settled above water offering an epic view of crystal clear waters with high mountain peaks that leaves you breathless! Noa, except the unforgettable memories, can offer you more then 10 bars, yacht berths and docking area, VIP area, lounge chairs, pools, massage tables and much more!

And for the unforgettable experience and raising the atmosphere to the highest temperatures in Noa, we put in charge some of the biggest DJ super stars like DJ Aron, Ben Bakson, Daniel Slater which will be joined by surprise guests, 3D projections and lots of other performers and entertainers. They will make Rhapsody the biggest gay spectacle together with the organisation of the best creative and immersive art production crew in Europe. Highlight of the festival will be the Rhapsody’s closing party which will be everything, except the things you expect. 

Furthermore, Rhapsody partnered with Matinee Group and its darkest horse: PERVERT: The Pleasure of Darkness – a party that will take you deep inside. Rhapsody means big business. You don’t want to miss it.

But, that still ain’t everything. Organisators will soon let out the 2nd phase of lineup which will be as good as the first one. They are also preparing more intimate boat parties with limited space which will float away under wraps for a couple hours filled with fun, performers and secrets that will stay on the boat. 

For more information and tickets visit or follow Rhapsody Festival on Facebook and Instagram.