Gay Travel Croatia presents you our first interview of the series with @stephencovic about his travel experience in Croatia. Stephen Covic is a lifestyle/travel blogger but also works in Real Estate in Canada when he is not travelling.

@stephencovic in Croatia

What inspires you to travel?
Travelling has always sort of been apart of my upbringing, so I always loved it and always make time for it. 

When did you fall in love with travelling – how did it all start?
When I was a kid, I first travelled to Croatia with my family and we used to visit every year since then. So I think as a young child, I always just loved being on a plane and heading somewhere new. Now, I travel for work, but also all over the world for leisure. 

When you travel, do you choose to travel to gay – friendly destinations 
or are there any “non gay friendly” ones?
I usually always travel to relatively gay friendly places without really knowing, I might research a few spots in each city for LGBTQ related events and I usually get pretty lucky with what I find. But this year was the first time I travelled to Croatia, since being out so it was a different experience. I found myself a little more cautious, especially in the smaller cities. But it was honestly fine and my family and friends there were pretty good with everything. 

What’s important to you while traveling? For me it’s all about the food and culture. I try and immerse myself into as much ‘local’ stuff as possible. I’m not a big fan of doing all the common touristy stuff, I find they’re usually not that great and not worth the hype. I do love travelling with my camera, so any architecture or unique spots to capture the perfect pic, I’m into it! 

Croatia has a lot of hidden gems

Can you tell us more about your trip to Croatia?
Croatia has been a staple in my travel plans almost every year. My dad is originally from there, so since we were little we have been visiting. This year, was the first time I have been back in 8 years! So I choose Croatia because I really wanted to go back and visit and brush up on my language skills. I speak Croatian relatively fluently, but it’s been so long it’s kind of gotten rusty. Like I said, this was the first time back since being out, so I really wanted to explore and go on my own. I went to Split, Dubrovnik, Mljet, Makarska, and Sinj (where my dad is from). 
Croatia is honestly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been too and I’m not just saying that! It’s such a remarkable country with so much history and culture. For the most part it’s pretty untouched and offers breathtaking views from almost every vantage point. The food is to die for, and the pizza is amazing. People always think Italy has the best pizza and I strongly disagree. – And Stephen is an avid pizza lover – if someone knows – he knows!

Croatian pizza > Italian pizza

Do you have any advice for people that want to come to Croatia?
Just come! Book a ticket and check it out for yourself. It’s beautiful and the people are so nice and happy to welcome you to their country. They are such a proud group of people and have been through a lot, so they love showing it off. Some advice – I would say, obviously go towards the beaches, it’s amazing, but check out the northern part. I feel like people just come for the beaches, but it’s totally worth checking out Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka and more!

Beautiful picture captured by Stephen Covic

And we definitely agree with Stephen; and thank you for doing the interview! Don’t forget to check him out on Instagram @stephencovic. He is an amazing person and his smile is contagious!

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