The most amazing hot spots are naturist beaches (usually marked as FKK) or unofficial nudist beaches (without FKK sign) along the Adriatic coast.  Noteworthy gay friendly beaches along Croatian coast are:

  • Jerolim islet (on Hvar)
  • Kandarola beach (on Rab)
  • Rt Punta Križa (in Rovinj)
  • Lokrum island (near Dubrovnik)


– AQUATEAM SAUNA – situated very close to city center. It is a men only sauna. Feel free to fill in the blanks by yourself.


  • Naturist beach «Bunker» (Preluk) is often a hot spot for gay men in Rijeka.
  • Below the Retirement Home on Bivio is also a place where gay population is welcome 


  • Night Club “Život” is a gay friendly bar in Rijeka. You can find their events on Facebook @KlubZivot
  • Night Club “Tunel” is another gay friendly bar. Look them up on Facebook @tunel.klub


DAVID SAUNA –  David was the first gay sauna in Zagreb. It has video cabins and a small cruising area with a sling, a bar and a relax lounge room. Saunas are Steam and Finnish. Don’t expect a large sauna like in Berlin or Vienna, but you can still meet cool people there!

SAUNA MOBILUS – Mobilus is a modern gay sauna. It features a Finnish sauna, showers, cruising area, private cabins and a bar. Like David Aquateam, it is also not that large.

BOTANIC GARDEN –  It was one of the first meeting spots in Zagreb. Cruising area is located in the east part (around a small lake) and the south-east part (around the gazebo) of the garden and also around the toilet near the entrance. As the garden is not so huge, cruising area could be all garden’s paths. It is also a very nice place for flowers fans to relax and take a walk.

ZRINJEVAC PARK – in the south-east part of the park, head along the walking path from the monument of King Tomislav (man on the horse) over to the first street (Ul. Pavla Hatza). You can meet others around the Art Pavilion. You can also walk in the bushes on the southern part of the Trg Josipa Jurja Strossmayera (J. J. Strossmayer square) across the Art Pavilion. The area around The Wall of Crying is also a popular spot during weekends. This is a popular meeting area in Zagreb due to its location in the city center for both gay and straight people.

MAKSIMIR PARK – is a huge peaceful wooded park with alleys, lawns and artificial lakes. The gay meeting point is on the south-west entrance in the park, from Bukovačka street and Prilesje street. There is a roundabout on the crossing of Bukovačka street and Prilesje and Petrova street. At the corner there is a restaurant. Walk straight to the Prilesjestreet, after restaurant on the left, and you’ll find a parking lot. Opposite the parking lot is the entrance to the park. Here, make a right along the pine tree path. Most people come in the evening hours.

JARUN LAKE – the official nudist beach at Jarun Lake is also visited by many gays in the summer. While being one of Zagreb’s top summer meeting places, it continues to remain popular throughout the year. You can also visit the island opposite the nudist beach, especially the forest and southern beaches. Prime “gay spots” are located in the south-east forest of the island. The island’s name is Otok Hrvatske Mladeži (The Island of Croatian Youth). The “gay forest” is on your left as soon as you cross the bridge. Follow the path to the beach on the west side of the island. 


­HOTPOT Bar & Club – is a small gay bar in Zagreb city center. It is very popular within young gay and lesbian community. Find them on Facebook



KOMRČAR PARK – this town park is a favorite of Rab residents and its numerous visitors. Also a known gay cruising area in the old town center.

DORKA – park located in the old town of Rab is visited by gays, just next to the gay – friendly Hotel Arbiana. Its romantic vibe in the evening attracts couples. Komrčar park is even better for hidden sex fun but young straights drink there so keep it in mind.


Cruising Park in Front of Hotel Riviera – the park is situated in the very center of Pula between hotel Riviera and the sea. It is visited mostly from dusk till late in the night.


DUILOVO BEACH – the most popular gay beach near Split. The rocky beach with pine trees above the shore also have woods that are obviously, very busy. Almost everybody is gay there. To get there take the bus number 15 from the city. If you have a car, drive into Stobrec and park near the school and walk down to the beach.

KALINICA – new popular cruising spot in Split is this park. It tends to be crowded in late afternoon, evenings and during the night.

KASJUN BEACH – the Marjan hill, a park forest, lies on the west side of the city. This is a large peninsula poking out into the Adriatic to the west of the city center. The park is a great place to bike around (you can rent bikes near), walk the wooded trails, or dip your toes into the sea along the shoreline. It’s a popular weekend spot for Split residents.

Gay men often visit the beautiful beach just before the Institute of Oceanography (Institut za oceanografiju). It is a rocky and hilly area; it is not exclusively gay and is in fact very mixed. To get there take the bus no. 12 from the church of St. Francis in the center, near hotel Bellevue. Get off at Institute and walk down to the beach by steep path. Busy at night.


PARK NAFTALIN – behind Marine Poreč. 


NUGAL BEACH – this is a small official naturist beach that can be reached from Hotel Osejava heading to Dubrovnik direction by the path. It takes half an hour up to 1 hour by bike or walk. Not possible to go by car. Take photo camera because the nature scenery is amazing while walking along the beach. Please do not use your camera on the nudist beach. Take your rucksack with you with some food and water. Path is always along the coast where the sea is on your right.

ST. PETER PENINSULA – near the church of St. Marko, there are pathways where people usually walk when they head out after dinner. The place is busy mostly at night and after 10pm. From the lighthouse along the southern coast of the peninsula there is an unofficial nudist beach during the day. Usually at the night there are plenty of straight couples in action around.


SEAMAN COLLEGE – the park near the Seamen College is most popular in the evenings.


LABIRINT GAY CLUB – a meeting place of the LGBT community and their friends form all around the world.

PUNTA KRIŽA GAY BEACH – Near the Labirint club is a gay natural beach where you can meet plenty of new people during your holiday in Rovinj!