You must have seen an unknown stranger on the street at least once and thought “how do I want this stranger.”

However, there was probably something stopping you from approaching him – maybe your underwear!

Underwear are in today’s society, an essential indicator of who you go to bed with, they reveal more about the person than the person thinks. We bring you gay men’s underwear from the Rainbow shop where you can find for sure what you need!

1.  Pump it baby!

One of the most popular bestsellers of gay men underwear on our Rainbow shop are: PUMP’S!
If you are a jockstrap gay, then definitely you need to have at leat one pair of these! They are ideal for you sexy man, and also for your partner! If you go „hunting“ this mens jockstraps are jackpot for that!

2. Leather
If you and your love one are the „kinky“ one, then you need to have pair of  the kinkies mens jockstraps – this leather one!
Only for the bravest mens!
We have many models at Rainbow shop, you can choose if you want sexy pair with more lather if you like tight sexy underwear, but also we have models of mens jockstrapes with less leather!

3. Shine bright like a diamont
Shiny and brighty! Ideal for this christmas period – for gifts, for suprise or a date with your love one, let it be shiny night! Gold, silver, blue, gree – many colors with shiny effect you can find it!

4. Sporty
This sporty pair of men’s jockstraps are ideal for „outdoor activities!“  They are perfect if you will go jogging, hicking or on a trail with or without your partner.

Many more products you can find at our Rainbow shop: