Čiovo is an island in middle Dalmatia, connected with the historic city Trogir. The island was inhabited in prehistory and old Romans used to call it Boa. Its position in the heart of Dalmatia makes it an ideal starting point for exploring rich cultural heritage and natural beauties of Dalmatia.


 There is not a lot to do on Čiovo in terms of sightseeing but it offers a peaceful place to relax and a close proximity of Trogir and Split, both being old and historic cities.


  •  The Church of Our Lady of Prizidnica, with hermit facilities from 1546, situated among cliffs, lies on the SE side of the island.
  • In the lagoon Supetarska, there was an old church of St. Peter.
  • Arbanija is a village by the sea with Dominican convent of St. Cross, founded in XV. century. The monastery complex has cloister with the spacious garden and a northern wall built like a fortress.
  • The population of Čiovo increased in the 15th century through the settlement of refugees who fled from the Turks.

The City Map

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