Korčula: The Steps of Marco Polo

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Marco Polo was a traveller and merchant from Korčula island. Being born into a merchant family, Macro travelled a lot along with his father and uncle and learnt the art of trade. His father and uncle had travelled through Asia and met the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan. Thereafter, his father and uncle returned back to Korčula. Later, the three of them embarked on a journey to Asia, only to return after 24 years.

During this journey, Marco encountered many problems, which he considered adventurous. It took him four years to reach China, and he spent almost 23 years in different parts of China and other Asian countries. Impressed with Marco, Khan employed him as a special envoy and he travelled to 50 other Asian counties including Burma and India. As years went by, Marco served as a governor of the Chinese city and later he was appointed as one of the officials of Privy Council and later served as the tax inspector in the Yanzhou city.

Spending 17 years in the Chinese Kingdom, Macro headed to Venice, only to find that Venice was embroiled in a war with Genoa. He was imprisoned, and met Rustichello, who was a writer and helped him to write the book, ‘The Travels of Marco Polo’, which was originally known as ‘The Description of The World’. Marco’s thoughts on travel, culture are purely based out of his life and experiences. We have gathered few of his sayings from his book and life. Here is a collection of Marco Polo quotes and sayings on exploration, culture, travel, story, law, China, India, book, flavor, men, atheism, food, kings, science etc.


Duration: 10h
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Our Tour starts from the city of Split, on the Matejuška pier, near the main Promenade or at a location that is prearranged with you. Meet the crew and speed off towards the islands!


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Created with Sketch. Matejuška, Trumbićeva obala, Split, Croatia
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