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Created with Sketch. Matejuška, Trumbićeva obala, Split, Croatia


The film goes back about 10 years after the original starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, centres on the story of young Donna (originally portrayed by Streep and now played by Lily James). The film gives audiences a look into Donna’s past, her relationships, and her journey through pregnancy, while mirroring the tale with a storyline focused on her daughter Sophie’s (Seyfried’s) own pregnancy in the present day.

The entire cast of the original film has returned, including “dads” Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgaard and mom’s best friends Julie Walters and Christine Baranski.

Where was all of the film’s gorgeous footage shot, and how can we visit? We have all the answers!


Duration: 10h
Availability: March-November
Departure: Prearranged
Return: Prearranged
Max People: 12


PRICE: From €1,500




Our Tour starts from the city of Split, on the Matejuška pier, near the main Promenade or at a location that is prearranged with you. Meet the crew and speed off towards the islands!


Most of the movie scenes were filmed on the main square and in front of the church from the famous bride scene! Since this was an important location, it’s our first stop on Mamma Mia tour!


This location is not connected with the movie but it is definitely a place to visit! A submarine tunnel from WWII in which we can enter with our boat hides a lot of stories from history!


Mamma Mia hotel location, famous dock from the beginning of the movie, scene with a donkey… Every cool scene was filmed here. And part of the dock is still there!


Since Harry fell down into the sea here we must stop here! You won’t be able to help him but you will be able to see rest of the filming locations and the boats that were used in the movie!


The scene where they were swimming together and simply stunning beach is a definitely place to stop! Swim and snorkel where movie stars did!


Another perfect swimming and snorkelling stop. It was not in the movie but it is place you must visit and witness crystal clear sea and enjoy on the sun!


After lot’s of ABBA hits and sun, we’ll stop for lunch in a place where Sam (Pierce Brosnan) was eating and work on your tan at the natural sandy beach while you wait for the food!

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Created with Sketch. Matejuška, Trumbićeva obala, Split, Croatia
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