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To sail or not to sail? That isn’t a question. Because you don’t have to sail but it’s necessary. We can see that on your faces when wind fills up the sails and yacht starts going forward. The only thing that reminds you you’re not flying is the sound of the sea under a yacht. Discover other connections between sailing and flying on the RYA Competent Crew course for the beginners.


RYA Competent Crew – What will you learn?

RYA Competent Crew course sets firm foundations for all the other RYA courses and further development of sailing skills. From the first day of the course you will be the crew and without you a yacht won’t be able to set sails. Also, you will spent all five days of the course aboard of a sailing yacht and you will learn about all aspects of life on a boat – from safety, sleeping, responsible use of water and electricity, storing and preparation of food, to showering.

Besides learning why and how a sailing yacht sails and lots of practice so it all sits well you will learn how to helm, handle sails and ropes, to tie knots and the yacht as well as how to anchor. You will also learn basics rules of the road and how weather affects sailing. You will learn how to make a lasso for catching cleats and buoys, what to do in case of man overboard situation and how to use rubber dinghy.

As a part of the course you will get very illustrative handbook that will help you to master the theory part of the course. Every morning the course starts with theory lesson in the classroom or on the yacht. After that we sail till lunch break, anchor on some of the neighbouring villages. After the break we sail till the return to marina in the late afternoon.

RYA Competent Crew – Certificate after the course

After you successfully finish the course and after instructors’ positive evaluation of your progress you will get internationally accepted RYA Competent Crew certificate. That confirms that you have successfully covered all parts of the RYA Competent Crew syllabus. You will also get a RYA Logbook as a confirmation of your miles sailed, acquired skills and knowledge.


RYA Competent Crew course aim:

To learn the basics of sailing and life aboard of a sailing yacht and become a useful crew member who helps skipper of the yacht while sailing and around everyday duties.

Skills and knowledge after the RYA Competent Crew course:

  • Safety aboard of a yacht and personal safety and equipment
  • Terms – parts of the boat, ropes, sails, sea terms
  • Helming – sails and motor
  • Manoeuvring with the sailing boat on sails
  • Handling sails – hoisting, lowering, reefing, flaking
  • Handling ropes and winches
  • Tying knots and their use
  • Procedures while docking and tying the boat
  • Procedures while anchoring
  • Procedures while buoy catching
  • Basic rules of the road
  • Basic meteorology and weather – winds
  • Custom and manners at sea
  • Handling rubber dinghy
  • Actions and procedures in man overboard situation 


    Experience after the RYA Competent Crew course:

● 5 days aboard a yacht, 100 nautical miles – logged in the RYA Logbook

Certificate after the RYA Competent Crew course:

● RYA Competent Crew, after instructor’s positive evaluation of the progress during the course


Program of the RYA Competent Crew course
Duration: 5 days
Language of the course: English
Arrival and first meeting: Saturday – 18:00*, ACI marina Jezera, Obala Sv. Ivana BB, Jezera

*Please be so kind and let the instructor know if you’re not able to arrive on time

Start of the course: Sunday morning

Daily schedule:

Theory introduction Sailing
Lunch break Sailing
Return to marina

End of the course: Thursday afternoon
Accommodation: Aboard of a sailing yacht in a double bed cabins (one bed cabins available upon additional payment)
Sailing area: Island of Murter and its’ neighbouring islands and villages

Sailing plan is subject to change depending on the current weather conditions and the forecast. Safety first!


03.08.-08.08.2019 937 EUR

10.08.-15.08.2019 937 EUR

17.08.-22.08.2019 937 EUR

31.08.-05.09.2019 881 EUR

21.09.-26.09.2019 881 EUR

05.10.-10.10.2019 839 EUR

12.10.-17.10.2019 839 EUR

19.10.-24.10.2019 839 EUR


Price of the RYA Competent Crew course includes:

  • Accommodation aboard a sailing yacht – 6 nights
  • 5 days of sailing
  • Instructor
  • Mooring fees in ACI marina Jezera
  • Course materials
  • RYA certificate for the level completed during the course
  • RYA Logbook
  • Final cleaning
  • ●  VATNot included in price of the RYA Competent Crew course:
  • ●  Flights/other transportation to/from the base and parking costs
  • ●  Personal medical and travel insurance
  • ●  Other marina’s cost
  • ●  Meals
  • ●  Tourist tax
    Rates apply to accommodation in double cabins. The upgrade for the use of a singlecabin is 60% of the listed price.

    The format of the dates is European (DD.MM.YYYY)

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