Zagreb – the capital of Croatia, owner of the most beautiful Advent in Europe 3 years in a row! The aroma of mulled wine, snowflakes, various concerts and exhibitions – let us introduce you to what makes Zagreb so special during Advent.

Must see places


If you and your dear are lovers of skating, lanterns, good music, then you should head to King Tomislav Square. It is the largest and most beautiful skating rink in Croatia. The sound of good music, the aroma of mulled wine, all accompanied by a multitude of beautifully decorated Christmas homes where you can freshen up after a glide together. In addition, there is an Art Pavilion nearby that is full of exhibitions during Advent – the perfect place for art lovers!


This romantic passage connects two large streets in Zagreb – Gajeva Street and Paška Street. It is adorned with a multitude of light lanterns, and is the perfect place to take your sweetheart under your arm and embark on a romantic walk through the luminous aisle.


Known as the Old Music Pavilion, today it is one of the main destinations in the whole year, even at the time of a beautiful Advent. If you like dance to the waltz, or if you prefer concerts, dance and songs – all of that never stop on the alley of 220 plane trees. In addition to dance and music, there are also Christmas houses with indigenous Croatian products and selected works of art. Also, here you can enjoy traditional Zagreb dishes that have a centuries-old tradition.


This place is special because it connects Zrinjevac Park and Ice Park. Here you can find various Croatian desserts, mulled wine or roasted chestnuts. In addition, there are a large number of outdoor bars where you can order drinks and watch concerts that take place almost every night. Kids, teenagers, adults – you can find something for everyone! For those who are fans of classical music, book a  Monday for a full day of classics with a wonderful concert by the Zagreb Music Academy.


The famous Strossmayer’s Promenade is located on the Upper Town, and you can reach it on foot or by the famous Zagreb funicular. What will wait you above is a multitude of lanterns, a cozy atmosphere on a beautiful promenade, small and intimate cafes with famous delicacies. In addition, from the promenade you will get for free a view of the entire city that is breathtaking.


For all fans of mass concerts, be it pop, rock, jazz or blues, this is the perfect place! The square is surrounded by houses with a rich gastronomic offer, while in the center there is a large stage for all the performers,

Also, while in Zagreb don’t forget to check the gay hotspots – you can find them here.