Croatia has one of the most beautiful coastlines in this area of ​​Europe, but also much further. We can thank that for a geographical position that is little to say ideal. It is ideal because in our country you can find as many as 3 different climates at the same time, and each part of the country has its own specialty. There are many peculiarities, although one of them stands out the most. We believe that you have all heard of the Adriatic Sea at least once. It extends all along our coast, and we consider it our greatest jewel. One of the most unique and most sought after activities in the Adriatic Sea is sailing, so we bring you the destinations where you can sail.

The Croatian islands are ideal for sailing. Our coast is an indented coast with more than 1000 islands and islets that have sheltered bays and ports ideal for anchoring. The Mediterranean climate and the calm Adriatic Sea make sailing an activity you can do almost all year long. In addition, most of the 56 marinas on the coast and islands are well equipped and can accommodate a large number of vessels.


The island of Brač is probably the most popular nautical destination in Croatia. Well-equipped ports, quiet coves, beautiful beaches suitable for all types of travelers and a rich offer of fun, cultural and historical content are just some of the reasons why Brač is so popular with tourists of different profiles and interests.

All this also has the location of Milna on the west side of the island. The Milna Marina has 183 berths and 15 land berths. In addition, the marina has a reception with an exchange office and an ATM, a cafe, a restaurant, Wi-Fi access, repair service, a shop with nautical equipment and spare parts, and just before the entrance to the port there is a refueling station.

While in Milna, be sure to explore its small coves with pebble beaches such as Olive, Pasika or Lučice. Active vacation lovers can rent a bike at the marina and explore the island of Brač by bike.


The forested island of Šolta is another middle Dalmatian island that is ideal for all boaters. If you want to anchor somewhere where everything is at your fingertips, sail into the marina in Maslinica, located near the luxury heritage hotel Martinis Marchi, on the west side of the island. This year-round luxury marina is equipped with 50 berths, electricity and water connections, showers and toilets, WiFi. During the season, a restaurant and cafe are opened as part of the hotel.

Make the most of the carefree days of summer vacation on Šolta. In Maslinica, you can’t miss the extraordinary sunset with a view of the eight islets in front of Maslenica. On the south side of the island there is a small cove Šešula, which is popular with boaters because of its charm and beauty. Explore the numerous beaches and bays on the southern side of the island (Senj, Stracinska, Travna, Livka), while inland experience local life and see how olive oil and honey is produced. The islands of Brač and Hvar are also close to Šolta, so do not bypass them on your sea adventure.


The island of Korčula in the south of Dalmatia is another nautical destination that you should not miss in your sailing in the Croatian islands.

In the same place is located ACI Club Marina, surrounded by old city walls. The bay where the marina is located is protected from all winds. The marina has 160 berths, each with electricity and water. Due to its exceptional cleanliness, the marina has been awarded the Blue Flag. Not only is the marina clean, but it has all the amenities that will keep you there long enough. It has a reception, parking, toilets and restaurants and cafes.


One of the most remote islands on the Adriatic hides many surprises for anyone who takes a boat to visit Lastovo. The most popular places for mooring on the island of Lastovo are the Hidden Harbor located on the south side of the island, Jurjeva luka, and Zaklopatica located in the north.

Hidden Harbor is completely protected from the winds, but also from unwanted views. The flap will appeal to boaters who appreciate delicious seafood. Specifically, there are several fish restaurants nearby.

If you want to refuel your boat, you will need to do so in Ubli, where the pumping station is located. This place is also a ferry dock.

Staying on Lastovo will revive you physically and spiritually. The lack of crowds, island stone houses, hiking and biking trails passing by the sea, vineyards and olive trees will bring you back to the days of simple island life.