If you haven’t already planned your summer vacation, feel free to let us help and guide you. Republic of Croatia is a small country which represents a melting pot of cuisine, culture and natural scenery. It’s a mix of both Mediterranean and Eastern European culture, depending on which part of Croatia you visit. Croatia offers a little bit of everything, from warm and sandy beaches to medieval towns and big mountains, depends on your wishes!

Where to stay in Croatia?

If you want to stay in Croatia, check our gay friendly accommodation page where you can check plenty of different hotels, villas and apartments and book a comfortable and luxurious stay while you’re enjoying your stay in Croatia. 

How to travel while in Croatia?

Traveling in Croatia is super easy and not so expensive since it is a small country. You have plenty of possibilities. Public transport is not expensive, Bla Bla Car is always an option, you can rent a car or we can organize a private chauffeur for you so you don’t have to worry about anything while you enjoy Croatia. Buses are the cheapest options but they also take long and you don’t depend on yourself. Especially if you want to take a tour around the coast. 

Where to go in Croatia? 

During summer, of course that we recommend to visit the coastal region – from Istria to Dalmatia, but people often skip Zagreb – Croatia’s capital city. And as a capital, it definitely has the most to offer. Especially in the summer, when locals leave the town so it’s not too crowded, and street performers find their place on the squares. Zagreb is a wonderful city with plenty of green parks, shopping centers and beautiful architecture. It’s big boulevards and squares make it seem less crowded. 

Even though, the city is quite big, the best way to experience Zagreb is to just walk around or catch a short tram ride if you’re far away from your destination. 

Zagreb is a home to a plenty of different museums, one of them being the Museum of Broken Relationships – a museum where lovers from all over the world shared their memorabilia with unique break-up stories. Some are funny, some are sad but it’s definitely something different and we recommend a visit!

Also, blend in and shop food like the locals do – on the green market. Head down to Dolac and eat fresh Croatian food & after buying some fresh fruits, have a ride with a funicular and stroll through the Upper Town where you can enjoy intimate concerts as a part of Summer at Stross or maybe watch a free movie on Gradec Summer Cinema.

Even though, Zagreb has lots of big shopping centres, we recommend a good ol’ haggling experience on Sunday flea markets. You can either visit Hrelić or the British square. We definitely recommend Hrelić for unique “souvenirs” that you can take home from Croatia.

When you decide to just chill and rest, on the top of your list should be Booksa, a bookshop-cafe where you can settle into a comfy sofa, grab yourself a drink and leaf through the selection of international books and magazines. The place is decorated by local artists and if you’re interested to see the local events, Booksa is the place to find pamphlets.

If you decided not to visit Hrelić, you can go to the Croatian Design Superstore where you can see the work of contemporary Croatia designers. It is designed as a store-cafe and you can browse unique objects from furniture to fashion, toys, jewellery etc.

If you like music, Tvornica Kulture is the place for you – Zagreb’s oldest venue for alternative rock & indie pop.

After experiencing the capital of Croatia, we are heading to the European Capital of Culture – Rijeka. If you’ve been before to Croatia, make sure to join our giveaway for a chance to win a 5 day stay in Rijeka. 

Rijeka is the 3rd biggest city in Croatia – it is also known as Port of Diversity because it represents a melting pot of different cultures, ways of living, meeting point of urban, maritime and industrial etc.

Every year Rijeka hosts one of the biggest Carnival Festivals in the world. The first one was held in 1982 and each year, more and more people come from all over the world to feel the atmosphere and be the part of it! The Carnival is held on Korzo – the main promenade. The main monument on Korzo would be the City Tower which was built in the 17th century when the town was fortified with walls. Close to Korzo, you can also find Roman ruins and a Roman arch. If you’re more of an art fan, make sure to visit St. Vitus Cathedral and its gallery where you can see the collection of paintings, rare books, graphics and other artworks. 


On the top of Rijeka is Trsat Castle. It’s the best and the most important viewpoint in Rijeka. Through the history it served as a Liburnian observatory and the Romans used it as a defense system. 

Lastly, Governor’s Palace is one of the most significant palaces. It was built as a business and residential center of the Rijeka Governor but today it is a Maritime and History Museum.

But, if you’re interested in something more than just typical sightseeing & you want to live like the locals do, please continue to read.

After strolling around the town, feel free to visit some of the coolest Rijeka’s cafes and bars.

Like Booksa in Zagreb, Dnevni Boravak is Rijeka’s book caffe where you can enjoy the cosy atmosphere and read a nice book. Every Thursday, you can enjoy the Jazz evenings that they host.

Moving on, on the top of our list of bars is definitely Tresorin – Sushi & Oyster Bar located in the heart of Rijeka’s Old Town, right next to the Leaning Tower of Rijeka. Beautifully decorated bar offers the best sushi you can possibly eat in Rijeka, a great selection of cigars which you can enjoy in their cigar room and more Croatian delicatessens such as Croatian prosciutto, cheese, olive oil and – greaves. Tresorin often hosts theme nights so make sure to follow them on Facebook to see what is going on!

If you’re a fan of teas – Samovar Tea Shop is the place for you. Samovar is a cafe with more than 100 unique teas. You can also buy them as a nice souvenir!

In the evening, you can watch a movie projection in Art Kino Croatia. Their first movie projection dates all the way back to 1927. Art Kino is a platform for developing Rijeka’s audiovisual activities. It’s not just a place to watch movies, it’s a place to talk about them, educate, communicate and explore the art of movie.

After watching a movie – head to Kont – a plateau in front of the Hotel Continental where plenty of young alternative population come to hangout and have a drink or two on Friday & Saturday evenings.

Continuing from Rijeka to the Istrian peninsula, you should visit Rovinj. A city on the west side of the Istrian peninsula & it is the most charming and colorful city in the region. The picturesque, waterfront city offers more than just a beach. Streets of artists, cocktail bars, historic cycling trails and a museum of Old Masters are just a few attractions of many to visit. 

Spend some time in the center, stroll the narrow streets with plenty of shops with handmade souvenirs. Rovinj also has a gay beach, so you will not want to miss that. 

After a couple of nights in Rovinj, it’s time to head down south – to Pag Island. Pag is known for its famous party beach, the Croatian Ibiza – Zrće beach. But, Pag is not just that. It is the home of wine, cheese, lamb, internationally recognised lace and a breathtaking landscape.

Local food on Pag is something that you have to try. Head to their local cheese factory “Paška sirana” and try the internationally awarded cheese. The cheese goes perfectly with their olive oil which is also something you can find on the island. 

Also, this year, Pag is lucky to host one of the hottest gay festivals in Europe in 2020. Let’s welcome together Rhapsody Festival. Rhapsody of colours, energy and music will be held from 14th to 17th June on one of the most famous party beaches – world known Zrće beach. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your summer adventure with a bang! You can see the lineup here. 

Last, but not least, if you’re touring the coast, a must visit on your list should be Split. The city has a lot to offer in terms of culture but in entertainment also. It is the 2nd largest city in Croatia, so to visit some destinations, you won’t be able to walk to there. 

The most important sightseeing place in split is the 1700 year old Diocletian’s Palace, built for a Roman Emperor. To enter the Split Old Town – go through the Golden Gate and enter the Diocletian’s Palace. The palace is actually built like a fortress and most of the Split’s highlights are found in there. The atmosphere in the old town is very vibrant and even though, there’s a lot more to visit in Split, this is a place to start. The highlights include courtyards, mosaic floors, Jupiter’s temple and the Peristil, an atrium where the Emperor’s living quarters were, and a Cathedral. Lastly, let’s not forget about the Game of Thrones series. If you’re a fan, you’ll be thrilled to stroll around the film locations. But don’t get lost in the streets. Don’t hesitate to take a guide!

After your finish your visit to the Old Town, head up to the Marjan Park. Marjan is a big park on top of the hill which looks down on Split and you can catch the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises on the top! After a long morning of exploring, head town to Kasjuni Beach and go for a swim.

If you’re looking to escape the norm and find the hipster scene, even though it is not really fully fledged, there are still places to visit.

First one being Froggyland – an exhibition of everyday scenes from the 20th century with 507 anthropomorphic stuffed frogs that represent the roles of humans.

Split is often a go to place for festivals. July is the time of Split Festival which brings the best of Croatian pop and rock, but also Ultra Europe, an electronic music festival, so if you like listening to Tiesto, Steve Aoki, David Guetta and the rest of the squad, you should check that out! Split Summer Festival brings you all about arts – from theatre to dance.

What else?

If you’re staying in towns for a longer period of time, you can check out some tours and entertainment that we can offer to you! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go island hopping, visit National Parks or pull it up a notch and go diving, climbing or go off roading with an ATV.