The international carnival manifestation is the crown of all the carnival festivity on Kvarner, and even further. The competition in imagination, humor and originality along with  fireworks of colors and shapes result in a parade of hundreds allegorical circuits and thousands and thousands of masks!

The so called 5th season is a tradition that lasts for more then hundreds of years, but the key moment happened in 1982 when the Carnival was organized by the Tourist Association of Rijeka. That year, 3 carnival groups passed through the main street – Korzo. And the rest is – history. The Carnival grew up and every year, more and more people are coming to visit.

This year, the carnival is even more special than before because in 2020, Rijeka has been crowned as European Capital of Culture. This year, Rijeka will be visited by groups from all over the world. We got carnival groups coming from Germany, Italy, Japan, Kaunas, Veszprem, Matera, Novi Sad, Esch-sur-Alzette, Galway, New Orleans and last but not least – India! This year, Rijeka expects more then 100 000 people on the streets! How crazy will that be?

Carnival festivities are happening all along from 17th of January until 26th of February but the most important date to remember is the 23rd of February when the big international carnival ceremony is happening. Except the ceremony, Rijeka’s carnival consists of crowning the Carnival Queen, carnival ball, concerts, sports and children’s games.

Rijeka’s carnival can’t be described with words, photos nor videos. You have to experience it live. You have to see the atmosphere, you have to be the part of the atmosphere!

If you’re looking to visit Rijeka, make sure to check the list of gay-friendly accommodation over here.

Get your mask and we will see you in Rijeka also know as the Port of Diversity.