You don’t know where to organize your gay wedding? Or you don’t have the right information about locations, restaurants, wedding designers? Every thought of organising the most beautiful day in your life gives you a headache? Didn’t find your dream outfit? Don’t worry! You choose and we’ll do it!

First of all, we want to connect with you and your partner, however we want to be friends to our clients so they can trust us. Confidence is the key to everything, and so does the entire wedding organisation. Be honest, be excited and happy, because this is one of the most beautiful days that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We consider marriage like a crown of a beautiful relationship based on a lot of love, trust, understanding. That day, we all want it to be in the best order and organised and of course under control. That’s why we’re here!




If you haven’t yet decided about location, would it be a forest near the capital of Zagreb, or do you and your partner prefer the Adriatic coast? Romantic, intimate, harmonious or maybe  wedding with many guests, in a villa by the sea, or even a wedding with a castle as you always dreamed? We offer you a lot of locations, from beautiful Istria, to the capital Zagreb, or historic Dubrovnik. We have 4* and 5* hotels with seafront restaurants, sandy beach resorts, or would you prefer aristocratic villas with large and beautifully decorated gardens? Vineyards, sunsets, stone houses – we have it all.

As a sign of mutual love, it is a lovely gesture for partners to exchange some valuables at their wedding. Mostly it is a ring, however it can be anything else that is of big importance to you and your partner. Remember this is your day, and we want you to be primarily your own. We are here to do it for you this day as you envisioned it. We have a large number of brands that will tailor your wedding clothing, and jewellery stores to help you find rings or some valuables for you and your partner.

Restaurant? You don’t know if you’d like a more traditional menu modelled after local cuisine, or something classy? Want a 5-course meal, or maybe more? The restaurants we work with abound in traditional family-style recipes, as well as with all the food that you can think of.

Flowers, candles, balloons, guest list, invitations, wedding theme, band or DJ? We will listen to your wishes, and in that way we will jointly design your most beautiful day. We want you to enjoy, relax and prepare for your day, and leave all your problems, concerns, to us.


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